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Tallulah (Remastered)
The Go-Betweens
Beggars Banquet
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 28, 2020

Based around songwriters Robert Forster and Grant McLennan, The Go-Betweens were perhaps the quintessential cult band of the '80s: they came from an exotic locale (Brisbane, Australia), moved to London in a sustained bid to make a career out of music, released album after album of music seemingly tailor-made for the radio in spite of their having little use for contemporary Top 40 musical/lyrical formulas, and earned considerable critical praise and a small but fervent international fan base. Although the Go-Betweens were absent throughout the '90s before re-forming in the new millennium, both of the band's songwriters embarked on respectable solo careers in the interim and, while rarely reaching the heights the Go-Betweens scaled, they still managed to uphold the group's legacy.

The band lineup changed again with the inclusion of violinist/oboeist Amanda Brown before recording sessions began and, in keeping with the group's near-perfect streak of releases, Tallulah itself is a delight.

A review by Robert Christgau: They stick to what they know, and their knowledge increases. The quartet's a quintet now, up one violin, which may not seem like much but does serve to reinforce the hooks that have never been a strength of their understated, ever more explicit tales from the bourgeois fringe. So though I was pulled in by "The Clarke Sisters"--"They sleep in the back of a feminist bookstore"--I soon got involved with every song on the album, with a special rush for "Right Here," where Robert Forster or Grant McLennan, I still have trouble telling them apart, stands by his woman.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Right Here (Remastered) 3:54 Buy

    Right Here (Remastered)

  2. 2 You Tell Me (Remastered) 3:39 Buy

    You Tell Me (Remastered)

  3. 3 Someone Else's Wife (Remastered) 4:10 Buy

    Someone Else's Wife (Remastered)

  4. 4 I Just Got Caught Out (Remastered) 2:16 Buy

    I Just Got Caught Out (Remastered)

  5. 5 Cut It Out (Remastered) 3:57 Buy

    Cut It Out (Remastered)

  6. 6 The House that Jack Kerouac Built (Remastered) 4:32 Buy

    The House that Jack Kerouac Built (Remastered)

  7. 7 Bye Bye Pride (Remastered) 4:07 Buy

    Bye Bye Pride (Remastered)

  8. 8 Spirit of a Vampyre (Remastered) 3:56 Buy

    Spirit of a Vampyre (Remastered)

  9. 9 The Clarke Sisters (Remastered) 3:23 Buy

    The Clarke Sisters (Remastered)

  10. 10 Hope Then Strife (Remastered) 4:55 Buy

    Hope Then Strife (Remastered)

The Go-Betweens

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